Defining and applying redemption in Jesus name

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Redemption is a difficult idea to wrap our heads around especially when we consider all that is going on in this world. What does the Bible mean when it talks about God redeeming this world? Doesn’t that mean it should be getting better? And what part do we play? Is God’s place different from the worlds?

Comparing & Contrasting Definitions

We believe the way the world defines and attempts redemption is significantly different from how God would. Below are the two definitions that we are looking to spend time comparing and contrasting over the next twelve weeks. What makes God’s definition more compelling, effective and pursuable?

World Redemption

The active process for a dependent humanity to find their own purpose, for themselves and the world, through unified independence   

Real-Life Version

Good people helping good people to become better people for their sake and the worlds…. through their agenda  

God’s Redemption

Thee active process with a dependent humanity to work out God’s purpose for the world though the Church

Real-Life Version

A good God working with broken people to show the world who He is….through His Church


PART ONE: Defining

(Starts November 12, 2017)

We will spend 6 weeks examining in detail the definition we presented, comparing and contrasting it with the world definition of redemption.

Week 1

The Redemption Narrative
Ian Domaschofsky

Week 2

Active Process
Ian Domaschofsky

Week 3

Ian Domaschofsky

Week 4

Ian Domaschofsky

Week 5

Ian Domaschofsky

Week 6

The World
Ian Domaschofsky

Week 7

Church vs. Agenda
Stephen Hay

PART TWO: Applying

(Starts January 14, 2018)

What does it look like for us to apply what we’ve learned to our everyday life. What is our part to play in the story of redemption? How should the church engage with world as it wrestles through the complexities of  life?

Week 8

Worship Redeemed
Stephen Hay

Week 9

Family Redeemed
Stephen Hay

Week 10

Culture Redeemed
Ian Domaschofsky

Week 11

Stewardship Redeemed
Ian Domaschofsky

Week 12

Gender Redeemed
Stephen Hay

Week 13

Friendship Redeemed
Stephen Hay

Week 14

Suffering Redeemed
Stephen Hay