Tackling the questions that the church asks

Week 1
How do you become a Christian? What is the correct presentation of the Gospel?

Week 2
I’m a new Christian and the Bible is confusing. I have no idea how to start reading it.

Week 3
How do I be a more godly husband to my wife?

Week 4
With so many different worship styles, personal preferences and denominations out there, what should church look like on a Sunday?

Week 5
In today’s world where we can access so many teachers and sermons, how do we identify false teachers?

Week 6
Do you pray to God the Father, to Jesus the Son or to God the Holy Spirit?

Week 7
When you pray for answers, how do you know what the answer is? In what manner does God speak to His children?

Week 8
Could Jesus have sinned?

Week 9
What is the purpose of the Lord’s Prayer? Should it have a place in the weekly service?

Week 10
What if someone had a relationship with God and didn’t just fall away but ended up in satanism; how do you explain once saved always saved?

Week 11
Will people be condemned for not believing in Jesus even if they’ve never heard of Him?

Week 12
Do we have the authority to rebuke satan?

Week 13
God created the earth and placed Adam and Eve on it. Dinosaurs roamed also roamed the earth. Does that mean they inhabited the earth at the same time?

Week 14
How do I reach people who aren’t the slightest bit interested in Jesus?