Our vision for this section is to develop a tool that can equip you for every day Christian living. 
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The church and it’s pastors are called in the Bible to create communities that not only invite people in through their doors, but to create equipping environments. God’s design for the human race is that it would be a creation that knows and is known by their Creator and His family. And it’s out of that relational knowledge that we are equipped to make Him known to the rest of the creation. The desire for this section is to provide content that makes this possible.

Sermon Library

Sunday morning’s messages are recorded every week in video format and are available free of charge to anyone interested.

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Sunday School

Held at 8:30 am on Sunday mornings our teachers walk many different topics. Their slides, homework and content can be found here.

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Field Guides

This resource is designed to help you navigate through the messages preached on. Click below to visit our archive.

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