As you some of you have probably heard over the last couple of months, we are moving our church administration over to the market leading church content management software, Planning Center, and with this migration comes a new online giving platform for us all to enjoy. 

Questions to help you make the switch

When are we finalizing the switch?
We plan on completing the move over to this new online giving system on May 31.

What will I need to do before then?
Please make sure that you have logged into your old account ( and printed out your up-to-date giving records for tax purposes at the end of this year. Unfortunately your giving records will not migrate over to the new system. We will also print out a copy of those records for you too and make it available you at the end of 2017.

How do I cancel my automatic payment?
Log into your account as you normally would, then choose the option ‘Scheduled Giving’ on the left hand menu. Once your are in that section scroll down to the bottom where it should have an option for you to deactivate/delete schedule. Make sure you click on that option and you should be all set to go.

When should I start giving on the new system?
As soon as possible! Please setup your new account on our new Planning Center platform by clicking this link.

Can I use text giving on the new system?

Yes! If it’s easier for you, our new system accomidates text giving. 

Just “Text any amount to 84321 to give.” That’s it and then follow the rest of the instructions. Setup takes about two minutes, tops. After that, donating is as simple as sending a text. It’s the easiest, most spontaneous way to donate!

Text-to-Give is included in your monthly Giving subscription. Learn more about this feature.

How long will the old donation system be available for?
During the month of May we are transitioning away from the old system. If you haven’t given yet this month, please start using the new system instead.