September/October 2014

The elders are hoping that everyone is well and God blessed.  This is our first update since finishing up the summer and we are moving ahead with our current work on several fronts.

Our first update concerns Elder Ken Twist.  Ken has requested a temporary Sabbatical leave from the elder board to attend to some pressing personal matters. While the elders were sorry to learn of Ken’s concerns, we certainly understand his reasoning and wish him the very best during his time away from the elder board and look forward to his return in due season.  Be sure to wish Ken your best when you see him in church.

Even in light of this temporary shrinking in the number of our elders, God is still sovereign and very good.  We are pleased to announce five men have expressed interest in learning more about being an elder and will begin training classes in October. These men are Christopher Scrufari, Tim Lauger, Tom Bach, James Harasimowicz, and Robbie Riesman.  Please pray for these men and for the full elder board as they work together to create a framework for spiritual growth.

Another update that is very important concerns our current search for a Youth/Worship Pastor. Please recall that following Renae’s departure as Youth Director and in our budget planning, it was decided that the church would be best served by a paid vocational staff of two pastors, the Teaching/Outreach Pastor and a new position of Youth/Worship Pastor.  Pastor Stephen is continuing in his role as Teaching/Outreach Pastor and Pastor Tim decided that although he was not interested in the position long term, he would continue as interim in the Youth/Worship Pastor position while a search was conducted for a new pastor to fill this role.  After checking out several local candidates, the elders expanded their search nationally and received many good responses.  We are proceeding with a group of six candidates at this time and will provide more information as this process moves forward.  Please pray for discernment for the elders and candidates.

Thank you again for your patience and support as the elders address these and other issues in the life of the church.  Please remember that you are always welcome to talk to the elders, either at a meeting, or simply send an email or make a call.  We would be pleased to hear from you.