Our Story

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Who We Are

On behalf of Wilson First Baptist Church, we are pleased to introduce you to the mission and ministry of our church and the family of God that worships with us. With a Bible-based heritage of over 175 years, Wilson FBC is a vibrant and loving Christian faith community that has served the community of Wilson and all of Niagara County, with an extended mission that accepts the Great Commission of Christ to “go and make disciples of all the nations.”

Our Heart’s Desire

We realize that there are a multitude of churches across WNY that meet each Sunday and hold activities throughout the week. But, we hope our visitors will soon realize that what sets us apart is that we are a people that have a deep personal love for Jesus Christ that reaches down into our very core and defines how we serve others as the body of Christ. It is only through Christ’s love for us, that we can show true love for others and attempt to minister to the spiritually lost and hurting in the community. It is our hope that through our weekly services and events, others would meet Jesus, and He would begin to transform their lives to look more like His. It is also our desire that we would not just be a “people that meet,” but instead we will be a people who love the Lord and strive to grow through accountability and Christian community.

Our Team

We are an Elder-lead congregation that follows the servanthood model of New Testament churches as we seek to honor Scripture for our church government. We currently have two vocational Elders, Pastor Stephen Hay who serves as our Teaching & Outreach Pastor and Pastor Tim Bach who oversee’s our Community Groups, Youth and Worship. In addition, we have several Vocational-Elders who serve within their own giftedness. We also believe that the New Testament supports the role of Deacons as the practical hands-on servants of the church. It is our believe that they are called to assist the Elders in ministry, so for that reason, we consider our Deacons to function in a coordinator/director role, overseeing the daily operations of all our ministries. This frees our Elders up to focus on Spiritual needs and growth of the body.

We also firmly believe that every Christian in our Church has been given different gifts by the Holy Spirit in order to honor God and to build up the Community of Saints. Each person recognizing and accepting their gifts to serve others is part of the heart of Wilson FBC.

Our Weekly Events

It is our hope that through all of our weekly ministries, that the Word of God would be preached accurately and without apology. We hope that visitors will not find us judgmental, but as redeemed sinners, blown away by the Grace of God, and driven in response to tell the Good News of Christ to the rest of the world. Our Sunday worship service begins at 10 am each Sunday and generally begins and ends with a time of spirit led worship by our Worship Team. Messages are preached from God’s Word and are intended to lead to personal introspection and growth. We place a strong emphasis on youth in our community and have several age-appropriate ministries throughout the week including: “Harbor town” on Tuesdays for the Elementary grades, “XPLORE” on Wednesdays; a Senior-High Bible Study, “Rooted” on Thursdays for Middle and Intermediate grades and “Pulse” on Friday nights for Senior High Young Adults. We also believe that as we” grow” as a church, we also need to “stay small,” so in response we host several Small Groups that meet throughout the week for senior adults, college-aged adults, as well as a Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry Teams.

Our Community Events

Wilson FBC has become a “Church without walls,” as it strives to minister to the many needs present in our community. One Sunday each month, we hold “Samaritan Sunday” and leave our building and serve community members through such tasks as painting, cleaning, lawn work and other general “fix-it“ projects for someone who needs a helping hand. It is our hope that through this free community service, others will see Jesus at work in His creation and will praise Him for His goodness.

We also realize that many community members, for whatever reason, have long ago decided not darken the doors of a church again. For these folks and others we provide several large annual events that take place totally outside of our buildings and attempt to bring the message of Hope and Salvation to a community that would not experience it otherwise. These events include “Wilson’s Amazing Race,” an Easter Sunday evening celebration, and a “Community Christmas.” These events take place throughout the village at the Fire Hall, school or other location large enough to host several hundred spectators. This past summer we held several weekly Sunday services outdoors, under tents, in parks and schools, as we left our sanctuary empty and took the message of the Gospel out to the community.

Our Vision

Serving Christ is hard work, and we are dedicated and committed to our mission of bringing the Gospel of Jesus to all that we meet. We love the community of Wilson, where we serve, but we also have a heart for all of small town America. We believe that the Lord is calling us to look at other communities and to consider replanting churches where some have closed or where growth has halted. We would like to come alongside other faith-based ministries and serve together to grow Christ’s kingdom throughout Western New York and beyond.

We also have a vision to be ready for what the Lord has in store for his people at Wilson FBC. We know through His word that “a people without vision will perish,” and we intend to heed this warning by preparing a facility to meet the vision of growth that God is sharing with us. Our Elder Team and Congregation are currently praying and seeking the Lord’s will concerning facility expansion and growth, both in the near-term and long-term.