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Coffee Bar opens at 9:30am every Sunday
Service begins at 10am (Kids Church provided)

2017 is a super important year for us.

This is a great time to get plugged into our community. Over the course of this year we are walking towards a new church vision. We believe God is calling us to become a church of Community Groups. Scroll down to find out more about this vision and how God’s family operates here.


Community Groups are what we believe God has designed for us to embrace. God himself is in perfect community and always has been (Father, Son & Spirit) and we believe He made us in His image and likeness to experience a glimpse of that community this side of eternity.


We’re serious about learning from God’s book, the Bible, so every week we meet together on Sunday morning at 10am and get after it. Stephen and Ian share the pulpit 50% so every other week it’s one of them preaching. Occasionally we’ll throw in a guest speaker.


Communication and equipping are very important to us. We believe the more informed and equipped the body is moving forward the more it will attach itself to the vision God is unfolding. No man is an island, we’re designed to grow together.

What do we believe?

Take some time to download and read over our Constitution, Bylaws and Statement of Faith

The Leadership







Stephen Hay
Lead Pastor

Ian Domaschofsky
Community Pastor







Tim Lauger

Randy Goodman